The Hooo-rahhh! build toughness

The Hooo -rahhh is when the kids face each other with their arms on their partner's shoulders. They then have to push the other person until you get them across the marked line. The inspiration came from Sumo wrestling.

The hooo-rahhh came out of necessity within the suburb community of coach in. All the top players in the world, in any sport, have to be mentally and physically tough. Boys and girls need to be "ok" with contact, bruises, scratches and sore muscles.. I'm preparing these kids for the real world, which isn't a bed of roses.

Sports help with with socializing, teamwork, confidence, fitness, fun and learning to deal with adversity.. Every child SHOULD experience losing, being injured and then problem solve it. As imple drill, like The Hoo-rahh, teaches the kids to push hard, fight and if you fall on your face, get your ass back up fast to fight again.

Daniel McKell